a simple sense of relief

The show at the Buckman gallery was mostly a blur to me. That big dose of adrenaline required to rev up my social skills dissipated as soon as the show began and I realized that most people there were just regular folks with an interest in my work. And, it turns out, they were really interested. Many asked for back stories on the concepts, process and thoughts behind the pieces. Not one compared the work to those treasured grandma quilts on their beds or in their hope chests. The larger pieces actually attracted some small audiences to listen to what I was saying.

Nor sure what I said really. Felt like one big babble. But I came out of it intact emotionally and buoyed by the positive support that was surrounding me. I didn't trip, drool or burp inappropriately. For now I am glad it is over. I'm glad that I made the effort. And I'm glad we didn't run out of carrot sticks.

Whew! Now I can go back to work.

me nervous?

Nightmares of showing up late? Yes. Doubts about the work? you bet. Thinking of calling in sick? hmmm....that might be the answer.

The show opening is tonight. All my work on public walls.

This is part of it right?


two more days

do the doodle, detail, Paula Kovarik

Two more days before the opening of my show at the Buckman Gallery here in Memphis. Reading tne news today about galleries in the East Village flooding made me nervous to think of all this work in a different space without my watchful eye on it.

Let's face it, I am nervous about everything these days...is the work good enough? will I make inane comments at the opening (yes)? Will people just look at it and say i..n..t...e..r..e..s..t..i..n..g..and drift off to the nearest exit? Will I trip and spill white wine all over someone?

Why do I feel compelled to show the work? If I could be behind the scenes watching it on webcam I would feel much more comfortable.

getting ready for the show

heart study, Paula Kovarik, 2012

Long hours of experimenting has produced 8 studies for the new show I am preparing at the Mertie Buckman Levy Gallery. The show opens on Nov 2. Days are short and details mounting up. At some point I just have to say ENOUGH.


cold chill in the air

After fighting the good fight to get our programmable thermostat to reprogram for heat instead of cool (including 254 frustrating taps on the timeclock to reset it's inner workings to the correct time [how crazy is that? why do engineers build in this frustration?]) I remember that my focus should be inner not outer today. A long quiet day in the studio to prepare these pieces for the upcoming show will soothe the anxious nerves that keep surfacing.

sunburst, 2012, Paula Kovarik