Paula Kovarik received her Bachelor of Arts in graphic design from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. As the creative director and owner of Shades of Gray, Inc., a graphic design studio, she specialized in communications. Paula’s textile art has been recognized by several national venues. She has been profiled in American Craft, Fiber ArtNow and Art Quilting Studio magazines. Paula lives and works in Memphis, TN.

Mom taught me pretty much everything she knew. Knitting, crocheting, embroidery, cooking, camping, fishing, compassion and responsibility.
Then I went to school and learned some more.
That's the thing, I can't help myself, I love to learn.
It all interests me, rocket science, plant biology, history, art, you name it, I'm interested. So I became a designer, the one career that forces you to keep on learning. I ran a business called Shades of Gray for over 25 years specializing in corporate and employee communications.
And I loved it ... most every minute of it.

Now I am making art.