a simple sense of relief

The show at the Buckman gallery was mostly a blur to me. That big dose of adrenaline required to rev up my social skills dissipated as soon as the show began and I realized that most people there were just regular folks with an interest in my work. And, it turns out, they were really interested. Many asked for back stories on the concepts, process and thoughts behind the pieces. Not one compared the work to those treasured grandma quilts on their beds or in their hope chests. The larger pieces actually attracted some small audiences to listen to what I was saying.

Nor sure what I said really. Felt like one big babble. But I came out of it intact emotionally and buoyed by the positive support that was surrounding me. I didn't trip, drool or burp inappropriately. For now I am glad it is over. I'm glad that I made the effort. And I'm glad we didn't run out of carrot sticks.

Whew! Now I can go back to work.