me nervous?

Nightmares of showing up late? Yes. Doubts about the work? you bet. Thinking of calling in sick? hmmm....that might be the answer.

The show opening is tonight. All my work on public walls.

This is part of it right?


two more days

do the doodle, detail, Paula Kovarik

Two more days before the opening of my show at the Buckman Gallery here in Memphis. Reading tne news today about galleries in the East Village flooding made me nervous to think of all this work in a different space without my watchful eye on it.

Let's face it, I am nervous about everything these the work good enough? will I make inane comments at the opening (yes)? Will people just look at it and say i..n..t...e..r..e..s..t..i..n..g..and drift off to the nearest exit? Will I trip and spill white wine all over someone?

Why do I feel compelled to show the work? If I could be behind the scenes watching it on webcam I would feel much more comfortable.