thread nests

thread nests on the back of the quilt

thread nests on the back of the quilt

Despite dutiful care and feeding of my trusty Bernina I have battled thread nests all week. It started after a service call to "tune up" the machine. Not so tuneful.

I have changed needles, cleaned out lint, twisted, turned and massaged the tension knob, substituted new thread, pulled both ears while twirling counterclockwise on one foot and muttering oaths of loyalty to the Bernina sewing gods -- all to no avail.

Another trip into the service center she goes. Tonight will be devoted to tear out.

Now where, oh where is Mr. Tweezerman?

beware that false sense of security that drugs give you

This week has been a challenge. I was scheduled for laser gum surgery on Tuesday. I worked double time to be sure I had enough time for recuperation and healing after the surgery. On Tuesday, I prepped for the surgery by taking the prescribed mellowing agents. Trouble was, when Jim dropped me off for said torture the office said, NO NO NO!! It's NEXT Tuesday. Lucky for me those mellowing agents did not allow for the grand embarassment I was due. I don't even remember being there. Sure hope I wasn't drooling. I do notice a couple of new bruises on my body where I was bouncing off the walls.

Jim took me back home, tucked me in and let me sleep it off. I awoke to a new sense of entitlement, still walking a little like an Egyptian. Since I had the day off anyway I thought maybe I could get some work done on the spiral quilt. So creative, so happy, so sure of myself.

Today, I had to take out Mr. Tweezerman.

Sprial quilt, Paula Kovarik, 2012