brain daze


Now what? Pundit (2) is done. Maybe. (except for the sleeve and the label) It leaves me with the feeling that I'm still missing something. Might be a brain freeze, I always get this way after finishing a piece...or maybe it's not finished? I've got that itchy feeling that its not right, not sure it accomplished my goals. I love the way this guy has dominated my studio over the past several weeks. You can ever have too much acid green, right? Maybe it really does have to be a series before I get it right. 

I need to turn it away from me for awhile in order to come at the decision with a little more objectivity. 

Pundit, detail

Pundit, detail


Pundit, back side.

Planning the threads

One of the most challenging parts of free motion quilting is to figure out how and where you will stitch. I use a simple technique that helps me visualize different patterns before I commit to them with thread and sore shoulders.


Using a piece of acetate to experiment with line

Using a large piece of acetate and a dry erase marker I sketch my ideas onto the acetate directly over the quilt. If I don't like the first pattern I can simply wipe it dry and start again. The lines are fairly thick because I have yet to find a dry erase marker with a fine point (note to Sharpie...please develop this for me). Drawing the lines gives my hands and brain a trial run for the real deal.

Once I have decided what I want to do I mark a boundary for the pattern on the quilt with a chalk marker. My favorite of these is the one pictured here, it has a roller at the tip that makes a thin dotted line with chalk. You can get white, blue, yellow and pink chalk. I tend to stay with the white stuff. I'll often hang the acetate near my machine so that I can see it while stitching. I'll do this stitching in the morning when I am fresher.


Outer boundary of stitch pattern marked with chalkOnce I am done with the stitching I am sometimes left with loose ends that need to be buried. I do this after dinner in front of the TV, tweezer and easy-threading needle in hand. This pic shows a different area of the piece where I decided to stop the background pattern where the black circles define a thought bubble.


Loose threads will need to by buried in the quilt sandwich later