family time

I am lucky to have two grandsons who are incredible artists. Each has his own style and both are serious practitioners. I have collected a number of their drawings and am working on a piece called Kindergarten using their art. Following their line work with my sewing reveals a spontaneity and vigor that is inspiring and fun. 

The piece below shows a progressive shot showing a finished face and others that are still in the rough stitching phase. Since these two boys tend to draw in short sectional lines there is a lot of stopping and starting (and therefore a lot of clean up to do after stitching). 

Kindergarten, ©2013 Paula KovarikHere is a close up of a girl with headphones. The yellow color comes from layering a bright yellow fabric below the linen I am using on the top.

Headphone Girl, ©2013, Asher Kovarik