Who do you think you are?

Kindergarten, ©2014, Paula Kovarik

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Do we really get a choice? Is the accumulation of experiences and genes what defines our pathways? Watching my grandsons grow up I note with astonishment how different they are one to the other. The same could be said of my sons, my siblings, my cousins. Each of us seem to pop into existence with a ready-made set of emotions, behaviors and urges. So, do we really get a choice? Can we switch our inner compass? That's the story of this quilt.


Kindergarten, Paula Kovarik

Walked into my studio this morning to see this. I finished the Kindergarten quilt last night and had hung it on the door to review the details. The sun shined through this morning revealing the fact that I used a polka dot fabric for the backing. Lovely.


Kindergarten - detail, Paula Kovarik, 2014

One aspect of this art form that reveals my inner self. Compulsion. An outlet for repetitive thinking.... Working on the background stitching of my kindergarten quilt has taught me a lesson in persistance. Each stitch about a quarter inch long. The piece measures about 3 x 3 foot. I am adding approximately 40 - 50 stitches per 2 inch square by hand.

It seemed like a good idea at the beginning.

Here comes the sun

Kindergarten, ©2013, Paula Kovarik

After a week of cold and gray the burst of sunshine through my studio window was welcome relief. This little guy looked like he was jumping for joy on my design wall. Though I am still wearing an insulated vest and scarf in the studio, the light is SO much better.

family time

I am lucky to have two grandsons who are incredible artists. Each has his own style and both are serious practitioners. I have collected a number of their drawings and am working on a piece called Kindergarten using their art. Following their line work with my sewing reveals a spontaneity and vigor that is inspiring and fun. 

The piece below shows a progressive shot showing a finished face and others that are still in the rough stitching phase. Since these two boys tend to draw in short sectional lines there is a lot of stopping and starting (and therefore a lot of clean up to do after stitching). 

Kindergarten, ©2013 Paula KovarikHere is a close up of a girl with headphones. The yellow color comes from layering a bright yellow fabric below the linen I am using on the top.

Headphone Girl, ©2013, Asher Kovarik