Making art with thread and fabric

Paula Kovarik, 2012

I love the medium I have chosen to pursue. Making art out of fabric and thread is a meditative, rewarding and challenging practice. There are many of us out there. All trying to say what we say with the tools of this medium — thread, fabric that is purchased or found, dyed, ripped, shredded, frayed, embellished and manipulated, batting for padding and ballast and a heart with the yearning to create. Our necks ache, we have bruises on our fingers and elbows, we visit chiropractors and yoga studios to bring symmetry to our backs. We wrestle with the equipment, read manuals and experiment with inkjet printers. We go all the way. And there are few places who let us show the work we so earnestly create.

One of those places, the Dairy Barn in Athens Ohio, puts on one of the best shows in the country for cutting edge quilts. The Quilt National call for entries was just announced and you can bet your last cookie that there are a lot of artists out there trying to finish up that last edge hoping to be included in the show.

I have added a number of links to other quilt artists websites and blogs on my sidebar today. These are people who are recognized for their skills and vision. Take a moment (or two) to get a look at their work. It blows me away.