Sharing and rules to consider

I am working on a large (for me) quilt that I want to enter into the Quilt National juried show in September. The show is considered one of the most respected art quilt shows. Thing is, the rules state that I can not show the piece anywhere that draws visitors from within 100 miles of its venues. I can also not post it on any website (except my own) for public viewing. That can be a problem if someone pins me on their Pinterest page. Thus, I will need to modify my site to stop any Pinterest viewers from using my images on their boards, or, not post an image of the quilt.

I am choosing not to post an image of the quilt for now. I may reconsider as it progresses. Since I use this journal as a record of my process as well as a site to share my thoughts, it might be a little difficult to stop that. It might also mean I post less as I get more and more consumed by the process of making the piece.

For today I am posting this simple pattern I made while musing on the shapes of clouds.

Clouds, Paula Kovarik, 2012