practice piece gets a new job

Yesterday Jim decided to insulate the pantry a little more (seeing as how cool and dark is best). Trouble was there is a window in that space (very nice for light, not so good for cool and dark). So we decided to block the window with insulation and a storm window (which was pretty dang ugly). So here is our solution.

I have a quilt that never went anywhere. It was a huge piece that over the years has been sliced and diced into many smaller pieces (a laptop case, a purse, an experimental quilt that I am working on called fractured and the UFO drawer lining) I use it to practice stitching too.


Jim cut a piece of insulation board to fit the space. I cut a piece of the practice quilt to size and made a big pillowcase out of it with some stretchy double knit fabric. The piece wrapped tightly around the board when I pulled it on.


Jim removed the storm window, placed the insulated quilt between the storm and the window and then closed it up. Not sure what the R value might be but it sure did solve the light problem.


Now we have a decorative back entrance (which will ultimately fade and change with time) and a nice snug pantry.