On Monday my daily word from Wordsmith was

an adjective meaning Hanging by a thread

A great word for the feeling I often have when doing these stream of consciousness doodles. What direction will they take me? Is it a maze or a path? What does it mean? Does it really have to mean something? What can I do with it? Where do I go next?

And, since I was taught to use each new word I learn in a sentence ...

These filipendulous drawings scatter a network of breadcrumbs for the journey ahead.

filipendulous, Paula Kovarik, 2013


spiral meander again this time in fabric

This one is a lot of fun to do. It's a little bit of a mind game thinking ahead while the needle travels in spirals. A good way to forget all your worries and chase your cares away. See the original pattern drawn out in this post: Spiral Meander

Spiral Meander pillow, Paula Kovarik, 2011


practice made practical

I have collected a number of samples in the studio of the one-line designs. These are done on flea market napkins, usually cotton or linen, 12 " x 12". I like their compact nature because I can sit down and experiment in one sitting rather than taking on a bigger piece. I start on one edge and travel extemporaneously across the surface to create a maze-like fill. The self-imposed rule is I can't cross any lines. The drawings I do inspire  the journey across the surface. Thought they might make good pillows for gifts. I have one quilt using this method, Same but Not, which will make its debut at Art Quilt Elements in Philadelphia in March.

oneline quilting pillow, ©2011, Paula Kovarik

two lines enter, one line.....

Going back to the quilt tradition of using a line of thread that does not cross itself, travels across the piece to define areas of interest and wobbles to create texture, I am experimenting with a doodle line. Here is a pic of the work in progress. It is a yin yang composition that is composed of two lines, one in white thread on black, the other, black thread on white. Working title: Same but Not.