Ever get that feeling in the pit of your stomach?

You know that feeling. The one that comes with worry. and anxiety. That's what inspired the work on this quilt. It's a simple black and white image with worry lines traversing the surface. Should I do this? or should I do that? Do I go here? or do I go there? Did I pay all the bills on time? Why am I forgetting things? How am I going to fit one more task into my day? Is that bulge over my beltline growing? ad nauseum.......

Sometimes they feel like big black boulders within. Erupting, surfacing, juggling my head.

It helps to stitch them out.

©2011, Paula Kovarik, Worry


every which way

Here are two pieces in process using a new fill pattern I am calling every which way. I love the way it creates a sense of chaos and action. The pillow was a simple dinner napkin that had a red border around it. And the base piece is an old pillow sham.

Every which way pillow and sham, 2011, Paula Kovarik

study for new piece

Here is a study for a new piece I want to do. Working title, Look Within. I used an old linen napkin for the test. I like the extra slubs and texture it adds. Maybe I need to go looking for some more tablecloths.

Look Within test, Paula Kovarik