The holidays are here and the hustle and bustle disrupts my studio time. It takes a little getting used to. I need to figure out how to go with it instead of fighting against it. I need to remember that the activities, traditions, and opportunities for shared memories are more important than getting one last stitch into that binding.

thanksgiving tablecloth, Paula Kovarik

I remember the Thanksgiving from 2012 more than I do the one in 2013. The crowd was rowdy, the food somewhat mismatched (but still delicious) and at the end of the meal we all drew pictures on the tablecloth with fabric markers. Family members from four to 65 all contributed a little to create the masterpiece above. I take it out each year now to remember that day and this crazy collaboration.

I recommend it to anyone who has felt the holidays getting stale (I purchased inexpensive cotton banquet cloths for the canvas).