seeing differently

Ten days from now I will be making a presentation at The Common Thread Symposium hosted by the North Carolina State University College of Design’s Department of Art+Design (find out more here). Preparing a lecture about my artwork is always a challenge. My thoughts evolve. I see pieces in new ways, I discard others. More and more I see the collection as a series of experiments with highlights in insight.

Many people work in series. I work like a taste tester. The horizon contains a spectrum of possibilities. Those little flickering lights of ideas challenge me to focus the lens.

This may be a handicap. I'm not sure. I do know that it follows my trajectory as a designer.

Inspiration can be rocky -- a bone rattling bedevilment. Or, it can rocket me onward to new planets. It's a heady mix. Each project has a list of ingredients, insights and goals. Each requires weeding out the extraneous, simplifying the knotty and, sometimes, adding depth where no bottom can be seen.

Now, let me clean my glasses and get on with it.