let me explain

I loved this fountain in a park in Madrid. The woman seems to be saying "Wait, wait! let me explain!" It has a background of stone with carved letters in Spanish. Someone took the time to underline the word "catolica?" It intrigued me enough to try to translate it via Google Translate (always a fun experiment). I got this:

Everything passes, one thing you will be told and it is your job well done. Noble is the man calls and just who every day renveva her. Excitement, wise, to discover the order of the world, including the irony is responsible father, and service mission patricia, political, must be Catholic. That is, universal, apostolic, ie chosen, Roman, ie one. Also a culture free state of solidarity in space and continuity in time that everything is not tradition is plagiarism sin nature, are sickly leisure and solitude. Let each io cultivate that angelic graces him in friendship and dialogue.

Admittedly a bit foreign, eh? Love that phrase:

"Let each to cultivate that angelic graces him in friendship and dialogue."

Maybe I need to get a real translator to help me understand. What kind of animal is that exactly?