time away

I spent a delightful weekend in Little Rock meeting many SAQA members (and potential SAQA members) at the Southern Voices regional exhibit. The folks there were gracious with their praise of my work and eager to talk about art and quilts and how sometimes they are the same thing. 

Upon my return I walked into my studio to see this work in progress with slightly new eyes. It's about 80% done...I think...but still lacks something. Not sure what that is yet. So I wlll let it stew for awhile. Many of my pieces go through this rest time. It is always a challenge to reinvigorate my excitement about a piece after I leave it for awhile. There are times when the piece gets put away for months only to reemerge with new life later. This one may be one of those. 

I do love those scallop edges though. 

work in progress, Connections, Paula Kovarik