no more dithering around.

©2012, Paula Kovarik, Round and Round It Goes, detail

I have been dithering around about where to enter this piece. FiberArt International? Quilt National? I'm over it. Finally named the piece after some consternation. I consulted with others, played around with metaphors and poetry, sang some nursery rhymes and gnashed my teeth. Hey diddie diddle.....time is up.

The name of the piece is Round and Round it Goes. Created on a linen tablecloth in a spiral configuration. I entered it into the Quilt National competition. Can't show the pic here yet since there are some rules about that. This detail may give you a small preview.

Crossing my fingers to be accepted into this national show. The show travels to several venues and the artists are top of the heap, cream of the crop, buzz of the hive. Love to be a part of that.