Recently I spoke at a local quilt guild about my artwork. I showed how my drawings inspire the patterns and quilts I create. One woman asked if I ever found myself repeating myself with the motifs that I create in stitching. I can answer that with an emphatic yes. I use arrows, sunbursts, flower petals and leaf shapes a lot. Lately I have been fascinated by clouds. With our current drought affecting more than my homely little vegetable garden we watch the skies each day with anticipation. The clouds (very puffy white and gray pillows) march across and around and through Memphis with regularity, without a splash of water. 

Here are some of the explorations I have created using those shapes as inspiration.

A doodle:

A seamless pattern:

A woodcut by EtchPop:

and in a quilt:

Each stage of these explorations adds more depth and fun to the shapes. I think they will haunt me for a while.