My piece, Round and Round It Goes is part of the Quilt National 2013 exhibit. It was recognized with the Award of Excellence. To learn more about this quilt and the artists who are part of that show, go to


A new SAQA book, Portfolio 20, The Art Quilt Sourcebook, is now available from the SAQA website. The portfolio of professional quilt artists includes a pic of my Round and Round It Goes quilt. A wonderful opportunity to review many beautiful works of art.


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a lovely cloudy day

I can't believe I am saying this. We FINALLY got some rain today. It is Spring in Memphis. Rain is a given, Beale Street Music Festival ALWAYS gets rained out. Why the change? What's up with the bluff city? Time and time again we watch the radar maps showing us storms travelling across the nation. They aim for memphis, they center around memphis and then they avoid memphis.

This little section on the spiral quilt is inspired by those clouds that pass in the day. I might add some lassos to tie them down. They are perfect for those little billowy areas created by the bias grain of this linen.

Paula Kovarik, 2012, clouds

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