My piece, Round and Round It Goes is part of the Quilt National 2013 exhibit. It was recognized with the Award of Excellence. To learn more about this quilt and the artists who are part of that show, go to


A new SAQA book, Portfolio 20, The Art Quilt Sourcebook, is now available from the SAQA website. The portfolio of professional quilt artists includes a pic of my Round and Round It Goes quilt. A wonderful opportunity to review many beautiful works of art.


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sometimes you have to go backwards to move forwards

Spent yesterday deconstructing a piece I have been working on. I wasn't satisfied with the line work on it. Kept trying to convince myself that it was OK but it really wasn't OK. So several hours later, and with a permanently bent backwards thumb joint from gripping the tweezers...the results feel right.

And what a texture to consider!

Reader Comments (1)

That is amazing !
What are those cylindrical things?
I love, love, that texture - it may
almost be worth
Having your thumbs on backwards for
Awhile -
Good for you and attagirl for doing
whatever it takes to make your vision
And your art truthful and perfectly
Beautiful- This is your reward!
Thanks for sharing.
January 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJeanjeanie

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