Doodleshare project


I dug this doodle out of my archives yesterday so that I can announce that I am officially posting these shared doodles as they arrive. This is now a national effort to share the subconscious. I have 5 other doodleshare projects spread to several states. You'll see those as they arrive back home. The one pictured here was completed by me and my friend Jean. She did the floating bladders with oars shapes, I did the colonies beneath. We speak the same language...

If you would like to start your own shared doodles here are the rules:

Doodleshare rules of the road.
  • Create a list of doodlers (two or three is best).
  • Begin a drawing
  • Send it to the next person on your list. (ask them  to forward the doodle on to the next doodler on the list (include your name at the bottom of the list so that you get the doodle back)
  • If you become an originator you have the right to receive your original (altered) piece back. At the end of the chain the originator has the obligation to scan the result and post it for all to see. 
  • Feel no stress or worry about the end product. It is best to treat them like a subconscious meditation. 
  • There are no wrong answers.
  • All tools are fair game.
  • Time is no constraint, life gets in the way, make it easy on yourself.
  • This is not a chain letter, you will not receive 1,000 blessings if you finish it, you will not start a new plague if you do not. But if you don’t feel the urge, please send it on to someone else who might. After all, it’s all about satisfying urges.
I find that a piece of paper 8.5 x 8.5 inches is best. I use an uncoated cover weight sheet. That way it fits on a flatbed scanner and it is easy to carry around.