Let's spend some time together. Join me in July!

I am teaching a 5-day workshop July 16-21 at the Quilting by the Lake fiber program this July. The class is called
Follow the Thread: A New Approach to Free Motion Quilting. And I can't wait! What could be better than spending five days with like-minded explorers? Quilters, artists, curious travelers. What fun!

Our objectives?

We will loosen up and explore new territory with line and stitch. We'll learn to focus on the character of line and personal symbols through simple drawing and stitching exercises. We will accumulate a toolbox of techniques for seeing, interpreting and completing concept-driven work.

  • First we make a mess. Begin to see that line is active and reactive. Remember scribbling? We'll do some of that.
  • Embrace the wonky. Learn to make the most of whatever occurs by joining ideas to line motifs to see what develops ... and perfection is not the objective.
  • Think in thread. Translate what you see into pathways by stitching in continuous line to spur ideas. This is where we prove that 1+1 can really add up to more than 2.
  • Chart a new path. Recognize alternative solutions by using composition to navigate pathways. It really is about the journey. Trust me.
  • Walk the walk. We ask the questions: What did I see today? What inspired me today? What have I learned today? We'll focus on generating ideas through research and observation. You will build your stitching vocabulary and learn to trust the thread to tell your story.

So join us! Register today.

Decision Tree, detail, Paula Kovarik

Let's spend some time together.

Open to all skill levels, free-motion quilting experience a plus.

It's magic time!

Arrowmont dining hall

I had the privilege of teaching a wonderful group of stitchers at Arrowmont for the past week. I am still overwhelmed by their talent, their insights and their willingness to laugh and share. I wish I had a picture of the food that was served, the music played and the wandering bear that we heard about. Arrowmont is a place of magic for artists.

We experimented with texture, line quality, composition and just plain fun. It was hard to keep up with what everyone created. There was such a flurry of activity.

Below are some of the practice pieces we played with during our stay. I don't have a pic of all of them, each of the artists created at least 4-5 practice squares and came away with a plan for how they might apply what they learned to their own work. I'm looking forward to seeing the results.

Though the chairs were a challenge the workspace was generous and light filled.

As one wise woman told me prior to my slide presentation...It's magic time! Bringing this talented group of individuals together for 5 days was a gift I will long remember.

Inner path goes public

The Common Thread Symposium hosted by the North Carolina State University College of Design’s Department of Art+Design is on November 6-7, 2015 (find out more here). I am one of the featured artists.

Preparing a workshop focused on linework is daunting. It will be the first time I teach something about how I approach line and design. I have to look within to create an outward path. The hardest part of doing this is figuring out how to narrow it all down to a four-hour exercise. It's an opportunity that I feel ready for despite the mountains of ideas I need to edit.

If you are near Raleigh, North Carolina on November 6-7 take some time to participate in this event. I'd love to meet you and share some thoughts. Check out these speakers and workshops:


Dr. Susan Kay-Williams, Chief Executive Office of the Royal School of Needlework
Ilze Aviks, Contemporary Embroidery Artist
Precious Lovell, Contemporary Fiber Artist and Independent Researcher
Andrea Donnelly, Conceptual Weaver

Workshop Leaders

Ilze Aviks, Contemporary Embroidery Artist
Precious Lovell, Contemporary Fiber Artist and Independent Researcher
Gabrielle Duggan, Contemporary Fiber Artist and Educator
Mary Kircher, Contemporary Weaver
Kelly Kye, Contemporary Quilter
Mackenzie Bullard, Natural Dye Researcher