presto chango, a website is born

Gnashing of teeth, musings on self image, benign all applies to this website. Each time I approached it I came up with a new solution. You may actually see it change in front of your eyes in the coming months as I better understand the software. I am softweary though, and over it. So here it is, I hope you enjoy.

did i ever mention how much i hate web design?

Is there a point at which we all have to throw up our hands and say ENOUGH! My brain hurts trying to keep up with the thousand ways to design websites. None of which are as clear as their drag and drop promises pretend. I'm thinking I'm gonna travel to templateland soon to join with the rest of the folks out there just trying to see their way through it. I'll have to talk to my inner control freak and soothe her tired brain cells. I am ready to swoon in anticipation of having it all be DONE so that I can go back to designing again. Where did my limber 15 year old brain disappear to?

found this feather

Found this feather on a walk yesterday. It measures about half an inch. I scanned it in at 1200 DPI which revealed so much more detail than my eyes saw. Beautiful.


on perfumes

i want a perfume that smells like pine bark mulch 
(sometimes i carry around a nugget in my back pocket for the joy of it.)

and one that smells like earl grey tea for weekends.