Not in

My Insomnia piece did not make it into the Quilt Visions juried show. I admit I am a little disappointed yet it also gives me an opportunity to think about other ways to show this work. I don't have many pieces that represent my latest directions in stitching. This is one of them and I have several others I want to pursue. I think I may take some time to work on other pieces with the goal of creating a show. For now I am taking a break from all of it. Returning to the studio in April.


Insomnia series continues

Insomnia 2, Paula Kovarik, 2013

I have made progress on the second insomnia piece. Originally I wanted to show the difference between a sound sleeper and one who has more difficulty filtering out the brain games. But, when I started talking to other people about how their sleep patterns resolve themselves I found that most do not have an easy time falling to a gentle sleep. Hence, a little bit of chaos for each of us. These insomnia pieces are done on some recycled cotton pillow shams given to me by my friend Missy.

Insomnia detail, Paula Kovarik, 2013

Insomnia brings inspiration

I think this one is done. It is a recycled pillow sham my friend Missy gave me. Inspired by my rampant cogitations prior to falling asleep (and after I wake at 4 am waiting for the next episode) it may or may not reveal some inner demons and flights of fancy, brain overload, nerves at the surface of consciousness, itchy wanderings through unknown territories, the ticking of clocks and swinging of pendulums. Maybe my mind has noticed that time is short and I can't waste a minute. 



Insomnia, ©2013, Paula Kovarik