A new website debuts

In May of this year I attended the Quilt National 2013 show. It was my third trip to the Dairy Barn. The nice thing about going to the opening of the show is meeting the artists. Many attend. And they are a chattering bunch of creatives — passionate about the art, warm and welcoming to others with the same passion and supportive of each other's journey with this art form. I always leave the show with the feeling that I have just met 80 new friends.

So I proposed that we begin a collaborative website where we could profile the artists and show off this work. It will be a community gallery and news space. Many were enthusiastic. Leslie Bixel stepped up to help with her expertise with setting up websites. And now I can announce that the site is launched. QuiltNationalArtists.com is in its infancy. I see a great deal of potential in the site and hope that the collaboration grows so that those 80 new friends become thousands. 

Our stated mission is: Quilt National Artists is a collaborative site dedicated to spreading the news about art quilts and fiber art. Each artist who participates on this site has been chosen to show in the prestigious biennial Quilt National exhibition.

Clcik on the image above and check it out.