©2013, Paula Kovarik

Working on a piece for the Earth Stories exhibition sponsored by SAQA. This is a large piece that has stumped me several times. I was 3/4 done with it back in February when I realized that I had ruined it. That piece is still residing under my work table in a tumble of frustration. I guess it proves to me that I can not do too many things at once...ending my business...taking care of my ailing mother...reinventing myself in the transition of ending my business and starting to work full time in the studio. It was all too much. Then, mom got worse. So plans went on hold.

For now, I am making progress. Slow, step-by-step progress. I still tear out 10 stitches for every 50 I put down but I am finally seeing results. And that is a blessing.

I can't really post whole shots of the piece due to honoring my committment to the show organizers (who want the opportunity to unveil it in its entirety at the opening along with the other pieces). So here is a detail. This little section is in the rural area of the quilt. There are rural and metropolitan areas depicted. I am using a wool batting that is fluffier than my normal bamboo choice, so it is significantly more dimensional. It is the story of a river running through it.