i love ironing

wrinkled, Paula Kovrarik, 2013

There is something very peaceful about ironing a large swath of fabric. In the past few days it has been a great calming device for me while balancing life's challenges and shutting down my business. Actually, I should say I am transferring my business to my able associate so there is some sense of continuity and calm. But still. It won't be me making so many decisions soon, just a tidying up and letting go...enough of a challenge to my control-freak nature to make my insides a little wobbly.

Ironing is a tonic to chaos. But when I saw this piece of fabric I thought I might preserve these wrinkles. The random pattern caused by the centrifugal force of the washing machine reminds me of my inner landscape.  Wrinkled, a little disheveled, moving forward, round and round and tossed into a new form. I may stitch these wrinkles and preserve them as a memory of this time.