The Donna Reed filter

Each morning when I get into my studio the light from the east-facing window spews across the tables. It catches little vignettes that are quite magical. The color of this quilt melds perfectly with the pins and felt of the pincushion. And I love the repetitive circular elements.

It looks like the lens on my camera has some gunk on it that smudges the focus of elements within it's gaze. We (those of us in the ad biz) used to call this the Donna Reed filter, because every time Donna Reed (for those of you too young to relate please google the name) came on there was this gauzy soft focus image of her that made her look smooth and glowing. It's a look that should come with a soundtrack. I know I am always looking for a little vaseline to smudge on the lens when someone points a camera in my direction.

For now, I will leave the smudge in place. Because a little blurring of the edges seems right to me.