foggy ears, itchy eyes, just plain muddled

Ok. I know I really like to show my work to others. I like the extra jolt it gives me when people comment on my work. Even if it is hesitant and/or negative feedback, I find the extra input inspires new work, new ideas and new energy.

BUT. When it comes to choosing what show to enter I am a little befuddled. muddled. blank. Especially this year as I do not have too many new pieces I can offer. The ones that I do have are strong and I would love to get them into one of these shows but can't figure out which to choose.

Quilt National, a traveling exhibition that begins in Athens OH and travels to a number of small venues across the nation, has the strongest reputation for the Art Quilt medium. Some pieces in the show travel from September 2013 - December 2015. They publish a very handsome book of the exhibit and have a well known group of jurors that are well respected. They do not have a robust web site and the public relations efforts for the show seem to be minimal. I have not received much feedback from them for the past two shows and that is a bit frustrating. If I enter the my strongest piece I would not be able to show it here in Memphis during a show I have scheduled for November.

FiberArts International, (April 19 -Aug 18 next year) a contemporary fiber arts show that originates in Pittsburgh, opens in April and closes in August. Not sure where it travels to since their website seems to be broken. I don't know much about this show but the fact that other types of fiber arts pieces are being shown is appealing to me. I may choose this show for the big piece I just finished. If I do then I would be able to show the piece here in Memphis during my show in November.

Quilt = Art=Quilts (October 28 - Jan 6 this year) at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn NY is always a wonderful show. They publish a catalog and the venue is perfect for quilts. I have been very happy with the way my work has been presented there. Trouble here is that the deadlines for it overlap the other two shows I am considering.

Other juried art shows? Do I continue to search out Fiber Art exhibit opportunities or not? Or, should I pursue other art shows that might get me into the mainstream of the art world? A scary proposition.

Still muddled.