back from the barn!

A full weekend of networking with quilt artists. Whew! What a trip. My face hurts a bit from smiling so much. These shots show the outside of the Dairy Barn gallery and the interior view of the quilt where it was hung. They hung the quilt directly behind the entrance desk and there was a pile of books on the desk. Totally amazing to see it there among others. I did notice a number of folks studying it closely but didn't have the guts to go up to them to ask their thoughts. The woman who presented my award said to me as an aside that she liked my quilt very much and her daughter would have loved it. (The award is named after her daughter who died of cancer a number of years ago.) I was presented a check for $500. Many other quilters came up to me to say they were inspired by my unique approach. Others were not as forthcoming. But all congratulated me graciously. Seems that many folks try over and over to be admitted to this show.
I met a wonderful woman at the end of my trip who volunteered at the Dairy Barn to put together the show. She said something that inspired me.
"I hope I live till I'm one hundred because I have a lot of work to do here."
That's exactly how I feel.